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Kuse Nature Preserve

A National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat


Welcome to the Kuse Farm Museum and Nature Preserve, a place where persons of all ages and interests can have an authentic experience with nature as it exists in their own backyard.

Located at W6219 Allman Avenue, just north of the Medford Senior High School and Medford Area Elementary School, the 35-acre farm has been in the Kuse family since 1881. Although part of the land is still farmed for crops, trails surrounding the fields allow the visitor to view over sixty species of trees and more than fifty vines and shrubs, many wild flowers and heritage plants and the animals that live in this habitat. Exhibits in the museum buildings provide information about the ways the area has changed over the years and the way it has been viewed in art and history.

Visitors in the past have included public and parochial and home schooled students, members of church organizations, 4 H, scouting, art, historical, and genealogical societies, bird clubs, citizen science groups, senior groups and other interested individuals.

Since visitors come for many very different reasons, the resources listed under the “Activities and Resources” category of this website include information and ideas that have been useful to such guests in the past. Users are invited to select only those that reflect their specific purposes. They are also encouraged to return to look for different specific items or take a different point of view in different seasons. Users of this web site might also use it to identify plants or animals in their own backyards, parks or playgrounds.

The photos on this site have been taken by Loretta Kuse on the museum property or in nearby Taylor County, Wisconsin locations. The images and information are intended for educational purposes only and may not be reproduced for any commercial use or web site without written permission from the authors. For inquiries contact hlkuse @ tds.net.

Every effort has been made to accurately identify objects in the photographs. Should any question regarding identification arise please contact the writers.

This site is under continuous construction!

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