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Bench D at Kuse Nature Preserve

Bench D is located on top of the mound septic system. Foxes sometimes sit on the bench. Deer come to dance on the mound.

The Lawrence and Christine Johnson family built their first home on the hill opposite from this place. Their son, Tom, was born in a little shack there October 7, 1874. He claimed to have been the first white boy born in Taylor County. The family had a well below the hill. Peppermint from their garden grew near the well and even years later these plants survived and gave a sweet smell to hay cut there. Children of the Johnson family told stories of their father bringing a cow from a great distance to the farm and carrying a barrel of flour from a store in Medford to the home.

For many years, an old pine tree stood where Bench D is now, but recently Juneberry or Downy Serviceberry trees have grown up in the area. Near the mound, Common Milkweed plants often attract Monarch butterflies. In spring, frogs are attracted to the puddle beneath the hill.

Each summer, the grass on the mound needs to be cut in order for the system to function properly.

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