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Bench 4 at Kuse Nature Preserve

A large igneous rock supports one side of Bench 4. Nearby, there may be native and non-native wildflowers and weeds. Look for Oxeye Daisies, Canada Goldenrod and Tansy.

A wild apple tree blooms in spring and bears fruit in fall. Near where the trail turns, there are elderberries and raspberries.

White Cedar trees were planted near a depression that is often filled with water. Many Red and Sugar Maple trees can be viewed when seated on this bench.

In spring, a rare Henry's Elfin Butterfly may be seen flitting from plant to plant.

Use the links on the grid below to help you observe.

Location Information



Sugar Maple Grove

Sugar Maple

Ant Hill

Tapping a Sugar Maple Tree

Red Maple

Henry's Elfin Butterfly


White Cedar

Common Elder


Oxeye Daisies

Canada Goldenrod



Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse