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Bench N at Kuse Nature Preserve

The cones from the White Pine trees are a favorite food of Red Squirrels. Another name for the Red Squirrel is the Piney. At one time, Red Squirrels had a large midden of pine cones in this area. Watch the cones as they develop through the seasons. Count the five needles in each bunch and compare them to the needles of the Red Pine trees on school property.

Wood Anemones grow here is spring.

At Bench N think of the "Neighborhood" in which it is located. Native Americans were the first to be here. Names of early neighbors included Johnson, Resech, Kress, Sauer, Knoll, Brugge and then the Medford Area Schools. We are neighbors and need to care for one another. Think of what each of us can do to make this a wonderful neighborhood for people, animals and plants.

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The Neighborhood

White Pine

Red Squirrel Midden


Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse