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Bench U at Kuse Nature Preserve

In about 1923, Walter Kuse had been clearing the land near this bench. He took out stumps left from logging days, some trees and huge rocks. It was then that he first saw his future wife driving by in a horse-drawn buggy on the road near this big oak. We think he left this tree as a monument. People who live nearby and those who pass on the road now continue to enjoy this ancient tree.

Throughout the years, we have collected many acorns and used them to make craft items. It takes two years for the nuts to form.

Look for other plants that have grown nearby, such as White Birch, White Pine and Poplar.

Sometimes fungi, moss and lichen grow on the tree. Milkweed grows under the tree and attracts Monarch Butterflies.

Use the links on the grid below to help you observe.

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Oak Tree

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Mindfulness Bench U

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Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse