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Bench M at Kuse Nature Preserve

This area now covered with White Pine trees was once cleared and Walter Kuse attempted to plow the area. A large pine tree to the west eventually provided the seed for the ones that grow here now. Pine needles make a lovely carpet under the trees. Brush piles from trees cut down provide habitat for animals. Because of all the shade provided by the pine trees, very few other plants grow under them. The needles on the lower branches also have died back.

Look for moss and mushrooms that grow here.

Use the links on the grid below to help you observe.

Location Information



Walter Kuse and Clearing of the Land

A Pine Tree Tells the Story

Oxen on the Field Working the Land

Tractor Working on the Hill

Mindfulness Walk Introduction

Mindfulness Bench M


Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse