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Bench 11 at Kuse Nature Preserve

The Billings family built their first home near where this bench is located. It was destroyed by a cyclone and they later built a new home to the south. A nearby spring supplied them with water. In spring, a torrent of water still rushes over the stone slough and on down toward Billings Avenue. Walter Kuse built a dam to save the soil it washed away.

Many years ago, we planted many apple seeds that grew and now we are able to harvest a variety of apples from the trees. Among the other trees in this area are White Pine, Red Pine, Black Hills Spruce, Red Maple, and the invasive Buckthorn.

Beautiful patches of lichen and moss can be found on the huge rocks. A patch of Big Bluestem grass has grown from seed brought from Iowa.

Pin Cherries

Pin cherries red

Pin cherries bright

You are eaten

With delight

Loretta Kuse - May 6, 1990

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Billings Family

Sugar Maple

Billings' Spring

Ash Tree

Indian Ax and Grind Stone and Native Americans Dancing

Pin Cherry

Play -- North American Indians

White Pine

Red Pine


Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse