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Bench H at Kuse Nature Preserve

Words beginning with the letter "H" can be used to think about what has taken place near Bench H throughout history.

Early settlers worked with hand tools to harrest hay for a few cows. Through time great changes have taken place. Hand tools were replaced by larger and larger forms of equipment.

Create a story for Bench H. Here are some beginning ideas.

  • High hill for homes of people and animals
  • Houses built with hand tools
  • Holes made by woodchucks
  • Haymaking
  • Hard work in hot weather
  • Humming sounds of people and machinery
  • Hearing sounds of insects
  • Hawks hovering over the field
  • Use the links on the grid below to help you observe.

    Location Information



    View of Hay Making Through History




    Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse