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Bench 2 at Kuse Nature Preserve

Bench 2 is located near the entrance to a grove of trees that were left standing so that cows could have a shady place to rest. Imagine the cows standing in the shade or walking on the cow lane to or from the barn.

In spring, there is water at the curve on the trail. Bulldozing did not remove an existing low spot. The water attracts animal life.

A variety of trees, bushes, perennials and annuals can be seen that change through the seasons and the years. A Balsam tree, Black Cherry, Red Maple, Poplar and Winterberry Holly are among some of the nearby woody plants. Lady Ferns, frilly Tansy plants, Agrimony and blackberries may be among the smaller plants.

In warm weather, dragonflies, Northern Pearly-eye Butterflies and Little Wood Satyrs may be flying among the bushes. An ant hill has grown in size and then has been demolished by other animals. A deer trail leads from the neighbor's property to the trail.

Use the links on the grid below to help you observe.

Location Information



Cow Lane

Common Winterberry Holly


Poem - Getting the Cows



Meditation - Blessings


Butterfly - Little Wood Satyr

Red Osier

Butterfly - Northern Pearly Eye

Red Maple

Ant Hill


Mountain Ash


Flat-topped Aster

Lady Fern

Black Cherry

Woodland Agrimony


Lady Fern


Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse