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Bench A at Kuse Nature Preserve

In Spring 2008, the trail system was extended to the south. The new trail followed part of a path once taken by dairy cattle. As time went on, rocks and roots were removed, benches added, and stakes with QR codes were placed next to each bench. People and animals began using the new benches. Bitternut logs were placed at the edge of the trail near Bench A. A birdhouse attracted ducks. Fruit bearing trees provide food for birds.

Young children enjoyed identifying letters of the alphabet as they passed each bench.

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Location Information



History of Land Acquisition

Swamp White Oak

Duck Nesting Box


Quaking Aspen

Common European Buckthorn

Glossy Buckthorn

Black Cherry


Staghorn Sumac


Common Winterberry Holly



Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse