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Weather and Climate at Kuse Nature Preserve

Weather and climatic changes in spring, summer, fall and winter will affect activities in the Kuse Nature Preserve. Studies of the effects of spring runoff on the land can be done. Where does the water and soil go? How do the clouds change in appearance? What are the effects of different kinds of precipitation? How are plants and animals affected by weather changes? Why do people keep records of weather changes?

View pictures of various kinds of weather events. Enjoy the sounds of rippling water, blowing breezes or falling precipitation.





Be a Meteorologist in Spring

Be a Meteorologist in Summer

Be a Meteorologist in Fall

Be a Meteorologist in Winter

Spring Runoff - Billings Avenue Video (QuickTime)

Hail Video (QuickTime)

Clouds and Moon Video (QuickTime)

Snowflakes Video (QuickTime)

Snowflakes at Night Video (QuickTime)


Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse