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Bench F at Kuse Nature Preserve

Vernal ponds or puddles are an essential habitat for Wood Frogs. Step carefully around the wet area and look for tadpoles in spring. If the weather is too dry, the pollywogs will not survive. Deer enter the open area near this bench. Footprints in the wet soil tell of turkeys and deer that destroy developing frogs.

Dragonflies can sometimes be seen in this wet area. A Wood Duck house has been fastened to a nearby tree. Reed Canary Grass and Soft Rush grow in the moist area.

The wooded area behind this bench was left as shelter for cows. In these woods, there are White Pine, Basswood, Yellow Birch and Hop Hornbeam trees. In spring, the ground may be covered with the white fluff of Poplar trees.

Spring ephemerals, such as Spring Beauties, can be seen before leaves form on the trees. There are also Oak Ferns in the area.

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Vernal Pond


Wood Frogs

Yellow Birch

Duck House

White Pine




Hop Hornbeam

Reed Canary Grass

Soft Rush

Oak Ferns


Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse