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Bench 10 at Kuse Nature Preserve

To the north of this area is a stone slough. The glacier must have dumped a lot of rocks in one place. In spring, water rushes over the rocks and flows a stream.

Many years ago, we brought extra tame plants from the yard and put them down here. Therefore you can still see honeysuckle bushes and lilies of the valley plants.

A Mountain Ash tree attracts birds. At one time, huge American Elm trees stood near the stone slough. The beetles killed them. Now only the large Green Ash and Sugar Maple remain standing. The Ash tree has a large woodpecker hole in one branch. We think it was possibly made by a Pileated Woodpecker, but we are not sure.

Smaller plants include Canada Goldenrod, Red Osier, St. John's Wort, Tansy and Mullein.

Lichen covers many of the rocks.

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Stone Slough and Information About It

Red Osier

Spring Runoff

Mountain Ash

Green Ash


Silver Maple

Sugar Maple



Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse