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Bench C at Kuse Nature Preserve

Bench C is located at the bottom of a small hill. The hill was modified when a mound septic system was located there. Foxes were attracted to the imported sand and began digging holes into it. Their presence was discouraged because of damage that could be caused to the system.

After construction of the nature trail, turkeys were attracted to disturbed soil. They began taking dust baths in the dirt. Wild sunflowers were planted in the area. Soft rush grows in the nearby low spot. Frogs can be heard croaking from puddles in spring.

Across the property line, there is a stand of old Hemlock trees. Most Hemlock trees in this area were cut at a time when Medford had a large tannery. Hemlock wood was used to build the Kuse barn.

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Barn of Hemlock Lumber and Barn Raising



Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse