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Bench 1 at Kuse Nature Preserve

The trail that begins at the corner of Bench 1 and Bench A has been used for a long time. The family cows walked along this trail as they came and went from the pasture. In November, 2003, Hildegard and Loretta decided to have a walking trail made that would in part follow the old cow lane. We added seeds and plants along the new trail. Tracks in snow and mud showed that animals began to enjoy the trail. At first, Loretta mowed grass with the scythe. Then, as we removed stones and roots, we were able to mow with the lawn mower. In May, 2007, eight benches were added along the trail. As time went on, more benches, labels for them and QR codes linking them to this web site were added.

Information about things to see near this bench can be accessed by clicking on the links listed here. Learn more about the history of this area, its plants and animals.

Look for different kinds of trees you see near the bench. (Buckthorn, Sumac, Mountain Ash, Silver Maple, Red Maple)

Count and list other kinds of plants you see. (Moss, lichen, other flowering plants)

Birds fly from the neighbors' woods to the trees on the Kuse farm. You may see and hear more birds in this area than in other places on the trail. This is a kind of flyway for the birds.

Use the links on the grid below to help you observe.

Location Information



Terrain and Geology

Apple Trees

Fly Way for Birds

Rock Pile

Black Cherry

Walk Way for Animals

Changes Over Time

Buckthorn -- Common

Buckthorn -- Glossy

Food for Animals

Food for Animals (ppt)

Life Journey

Swamp White Oak

Shelter for Animals



Cow Lane

Mountain Ash

Poem: Getting Cows

Silver Maple

Open Field for Crops

Red Maple

Harris Orchard

Poplar Trees

Grape Vines

Black Hills Spruce



Lady Ferns

Ostrich Ferns

Sensitive Ferns

Interrupted Ferns

Yellow Trout Lily


Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse