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Red Oak at Kuse Nature Preserve

FAGACEAE Beech Family

Northern Red Oak "Red Oak" "Gray Oak" (Quercus rubra)

Growth and Change


Uses and Activities

A Special Oak Tree

Locations: Along Allman Avenue, West line fence, By pond

Acorn Crafts and People


Views of an Oak Tree

Oak Tree Activities

Young Red Oak

Who or What Lives There?

Bibliography -- Red Oak

Red Oak Leaves

Oak Galls


Red Oak Bark

Oak Burls

Red Oak Meditation

Changes for an Oak Tree

Insect Pests

Oak in Spring

The Red Oak and Mammals and Birds

Oak in Summer

Oak in Fall

Oak in Winter

Children Measuring an Oak Tree

Official Measurement of the Big Red Oak Tree

Red Oak Composite

Red Oak Information

Red Oaks in the Kuse Nature Preserve

Red Oaks in the Kuse Nature Preserve (ppt)

Red Oak Leaf Scan