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White Pine at Kuse Nature Preserve

Pine Family

Pine, Eastern White "White Pine" "Northern White Pine" (Pinus strobus)

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Ecological Succession

Locations: Along west driveway, South trail, Fifteen acres

Lumber Industry

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White Pine Meditation

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White Pine Composite

White Pine Information

White Pine Leaf Scan

As you look over toward our nature preserve and walk the trail from Bench P to the east, you are going through a very interesting pine forest. In the 1940's and 1950's, our father, Walter Kuse, cleared that land. There was one large lone pine tree remaining in the area that he left as shade for the cows in the pasture. That tree was the parent of the White Pine forest that is there now. As recently as the early 1990's, there was a large wild strawberry patch on the hill. Now there is a forest. The big old parent pine tree died and has decayed, but the forest remains. This a beautiful example of ecological succession. Look at the "White Pine Composite" and in it you can see a picture of the old pine tree and its "children". The composite shows other pictures of White Pines that sometimes go unnoticed.