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Spring Walks on a Nature Trail

Spring activities on some trails involve speed and motorized equipment. On trails such as those on the Kuse property, the emphasis is on taking time to experience what is found in nature. Sometimes they are wet in spring and appropriate footwear may be needed. Some vernal ponds bordering the trail are intentionally NOT filled in because they are the breeding habitat for amphibians, such as wood frogs and salamanders, that would not survive in deeper water.

At any time of year, the same trail may be taken for a wide variety of reasons with the result that what is experienced will differ greatly. A scientist, historian, artist, writer, or someone intent on quiet meditation might all feel they are in different places even when they are all in the same location at the same time. It is also possible to select different purposes on different segments of the journey.


Be an Artist

Be a Botanist

Be a Friend

Be a Geographer or Geologist

Be a Historian

Be a Meditator

Be a Meteorologist

Be a Musician

Be an Ornithologist

Be a Writer and Reader

Be a Zoologist

Written by Dr. Loretta Kuse and Dr. Hildegard Kuse