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Aerial Photo of Kuse Farm Museum and Nature Preserve and Surrounding Area

Photo by William Clark, Medford, Wisconsin

A Story of the Land

Native Americans


Surveyor's Records

Government Grants to Railroads

Measuring Land

Court House Documents

Homestead Acts

Plat Books

Family History Stories

A Pine Tree Tells the Story

Be a Geographer or Geologist

A Dream for the Future

Things to Think About and Do

Geography and History Lessons Near the School

Who lived or walked on the land long ago where your school is now built? How can you find out?

How did the Native Americans use the land and why?

How did land use change when European settlers came?

Who owned the land our school is on before our schools were built?

How was the land measured and the information recorded?

Many kinds of maps

Where on our school grounds can we see proof of the markers surveyors of today or long ago used?

How has the land changed in the last hundred years?

Which changes helped or were harmful to the environment?

How will knowing this information be useful to us in our families and our lives now and in the future?


Dr. Hildegard Kuse and Dr. Loretta Kuse